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See also the official FAQ, and the github FAQ.

How do I Rotate?[edit | edit source]

  • You can rotate a componet before it is placed with the hotkey, which by default is Space.
  • A single placed component can be rotated the same way provided it is not connected to anything else.
  • A group of connected componets and wire can be rotated by selecting, cutting, rotating and then pasting it. By default this is
    • Shift-drag, CTRLX, Space, CTRLV
    • Any wire connection internal to the selection will be preserved.
    • However this will break any wire connections (and watch links) between the selection and the rest of the circuit. You cannot rotate a selection without disconnecting it from the rest of the circuit.

I've finished the last level but my profile says "Complete: 95%"[edit | edit source]

Some levels have not syncronised with the server for some reason. To resubmit them go to the game OptionsScore Sync. This will show Resubmit for the levels that the game is resubmitting. This fixes this issue most of the time.

TODO: Other options to try if this doesn't resolve it.

What are the extra RAM input/outpus for?[edit | edit source]

They allow the RAM to load and store words wider than 64 bits on 64 bit wires.

RAM, Latency RAM and Fast RAM have 4 Input value and Output pins. Only the first is used when the data width is set to 8, 16, 32 or 64 bits. The first 2 are used when the data width is set to 128. All 4 are used when it is set to 256.