Level/Binary Racer

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This level is special in that it's a minigame instead of the usual circuit construction.

The goal of the minigame is to convert decimal numbers to binary while under time pressure.

Note that you can use the number keys above the letters on your keyboard instead of having to click the buttons. Use space to submit your answer.

Fast strategy[edit | edit source]

A fast strategy is to set the bit representing the highest value that doesn't overflow the target value. Keep doing this and you will hit the target value in no time.

An example:[edit | edit source]

The target value is 43. The first bit to set is 32. Next possible bit is for 16, but setting it will overflow. Continue to the bit for 8 instead. That makes 40. Set the two remaining bits to reach 43.

Controls[edit | edit source]

You can use either keys or the mouse; mixing the two seems to bug out so is not currently recommended.

Key/Button Control
Toggle a single bit, from left to right
Space Submit
Toggle bit/click Submit